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Free Web Site Templates

CND wants to help you create a web site that you can manage with as little outside help as possible. There are a variety of commercial web site builder programs like Weebly and Wix that will host your web site and provide you with their own proprietary content management software. Once you sign up with a proprietary web site development company, you are tied into their system with all its advantages and disadvantages.

While these services can start with a free level of hosting service, the cost of add-ons like contact forms and online stores can quickly increase your monthly hosting bill.

The CND Web Site Development Solution

CND uses OpenSource CMS for its Web Design Solution. WordPress and Joomla are the primary CMS we use because they account for over 75% of OpenSource-based web sites. Learn More About OpenSource CMS Here What this means is that while CND can provide you with all the technical assistance you may need, you are not locked into a proprietary system. You have the freedom to use any OpenSource CMS company without having to rebuild your web site from scratch.

Joomla CMS
WordPress and Joomla CMS are supported by hundreds of 3rd party developers with thousands of applications that can be used on your web site. Some of these applications are free while other can be purchase at very low costs. This allows you to grow your web site without greatly increasing your monthly web site hosting costs.

Pay For Our Help When You Need It

Since WordPress and Joomla have extensive documentation to use their systems, you can maintain your web site if you take the time to learn how its features work. If you need our help, we can provide email and phone support for $20.00/hr. ($10.00 min.).

Free Templates

We can provide you access to hundreds of free templates. Get Free Templates Here

Custom Template Design

If you want a custom designed template, we can give you a Free Template Quote.

CND Hosting

Our basic hosting plan starts at $4.00/month paid on an annual basis 12 month basis of $48.00. Sign up for Hosting Here.


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